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Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know, our friend and one time contributor, Tyson, is doing big things these days. In addition making everyone’s day a bit more hilarious, he’s refreshed his blog, Lazy Sportswriting. His latest article, When The Man Comes Around: Johnny Cash and Professional Athletes is a great take on […]

I know Superhero week was interrupted by the Ashland Film Festival, and we’ve been done for a week, but reading the Watchmen novel took forever, and this is my first literature review, so give me a break. ¬†We’ll have an interesting music review to finish off our superhero craze, and then we’re back to regularly […]

AIFF Update


Hey Everyone, I know the Day 2 video isn’t working properly. We’re working on it and will get it up and fixed as soon as possible. I apologize. Please stay tuned for more Ashland Independent Film Festival videos and updates including our bonus video on Reversion and an exclusive interview with one of the filmmakers. […]

Hey Everyone, Lately, it’s been pretty crazy over here at sexy gypsy. First it was Superhero Week and now we’re in the middle of covering the Ashland Independent Film Festival. But I want to take the time to introduce a new category–Current Events. This is something we’ve been wanting to add since we started sexy […]