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Finally. It’s over. The 2000s. The 00s. The aughts. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. We’re done. And with the close of the decade, comes the obligatory nostalgic look back. And while we’ve suffered through a lot of bullshit these past ten years, there is also much to be appreciated–especially when it comes […]

AIFF Recap


You may not think so, but watching 9 blocks of films in 4 days is exhausting. Days spent writing, nights spent editing, and trying to find time to eat and drink in between. Overall, the festival was great; most of the films were really cool, the people were friendly, and the panninis were bomb. We […]

One of our favorite features we saw at AIFF was Paper Covers Rock, written and directed by Joe Maggio. It’s the story of a mother, superbly played by Jeannine Kaspar, suffering from chronic depression and desperately trying to reunite with her daughter. We got the chance to talk this fantastic actress right after the film.

Last day of the festival. We didn’t have a film until 6:20pm, but we spent the day dealing with technical difficulties. Grabbed a great lunch at Pangea in Ashland, then watched Paper Covers Rock. Scored an interview with the beautiful Jeannine Kaspar (lead actress), then finished the week off with Wendy and Lucy. We didn’t […]

On Day 3 of the festival, we were lucky enough to talk with Tim Gorski, cinematographer for At The Edge of The World. Here’s what he had to say….