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Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know, our friend and one time contributor, Tyson, is doing big things these days. In addition making everyone’s day a bit more hilarious, he’s refreshed his blog, Lazy Sportswriting. His latest article, When The Man Comes Around: Johnny Cash and Professional Athletes is a great take on […]

…about sports. Our good friend and sometimes sexy gypsy contributor, Tyson Qualls, has just started a new sports blog, Things Your Mom Taught Me…About Sports. In addition to coming up with witty titles, Tyson’s the ultimate sports fan, full of interesting insights and hilarious commentary. So stop by his blog and drop a comment. You’ll […]

With NFL tragedies like Sean Taylor and Darrent Williams still weighing on the minds of the fans, Burress has done nothing but show disrespect to the deceased. So to return the favor, here are five disrespectful reasons why the receiver formerly known as Burress should not own a gun.   5. 35 million dollars:  Protect […]