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Murder by Death


  Murder By Death is my latest discovery. Well, not really discovery, people have been telling me to check them out for years. But being the stubborn music elitist I am, I never listened to any of their records. But this week, I noticed that my rotation was pretty hip hop heavy. And that some […]

This is another Adult Swim/Cartoon Network release. I first heard about this album during an episode of The Boondocks. At first, it sounds like southern rap at its best; superchill, smooth beats and laid back rhymes. It’s much in the vein of Outkast’s classic, Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik. But as you delve deeper into the album, Witchdoctor’s skill […]

The Mouse and The Mask is the result of MF Doom, DJ Dangermouse and the Cartoon Network.    I’ve been a big fan of DJ Dangermouse for a while now. His critically acclaimed Grey Album, is criminally overrated (Check out The White Album, by Kno of Cunninglynguists, for the best Jay-Z Black Album remix of […]

I hadn’t listened to Petey Pablo’s debut album since college. But for some reason, I had the strange urge to hear Raise Up this week. As soon as I threw the album on, I remembered why this was THE riding record back in the day. We used to blast this out of the 87 Mustang […]

  2001.  Sam Lake writes an amazing story about a dark antihero named Max Payne.  His family has been taken away.  His sunny job as a police officer has turned into a dark, brooding vendetta of retribution.  He must wade through junkies, mobsters, assassins, and the blood he spills from all of them.  His best […]

  Good morning Mr. and Mr. Coen,   Your mission this year, should you choose to accept it, is rather simple: Make an entertaining film.    Your last project, No Country for Old Men, was groundbreaking and bold, deserving every Oscar nod it received. Your portfolio, from Raising Arizona to The Ladykillers, establishes your style […]

slow week


hey everybody, it’s been a pretty slow week for us, here at sexy gypsy. i don’t really have any new music suggestions for you guys. i’ve just been rediscovering some great old albums i’d forgotten about. though i did just get TI’s new album, paper trail. i’ve heard lots of good things about it and […]