i was born in the 80s.  i grew up in the 90s.  and so far i’ve suffered through the shit we call the 00’s. in my short life, i’ve noticed the slow degradation of our culture. everything from rock and hip hop to hollywood has regressed into the retarded, inbred cousin of yesteryear. back in the day we had pacino in scarface. now we have pacino in simone. then easy-e said, “fuck the police!” now d4l rambles on about laffy taffy (whatever that might be). 


and like many of my generation, i’m pissed off. i’m sad. i’m frustrated. but mostly i’m disappointed in our inability to make our mark on the world. the few of us who actually decide to say fuck it and put out honest, creative, innovative art get shitted on by the mainstream. our  society rewards candy coated garbage and ignores the true and heartfelt. with radio dead and television being dominated by corporate manufactured “artists,” the few hidden gems out there are that much more precious.


and that is what sexy gypsy is all about. i want to take a step back and appreciate those who go against the grain. those who are shoved to the underground. those whose courage and individuality are not recognized and appreciated by the masses. in sexy gypsy, you’ll find musicians, artists, authors, poets, filmmakers who represent the true brilliance of our generation. some you may have heard of, most you wouldn’t have. but if they’re worth taking a look at, they’ll be here. 


i’ve put everything i am into making sexy gypsy a reality and so have countless others. i am a broke, unemployed college drop out. but i truly felt this magazine had to be made. i believe in it. i believe we need it. if not just to give these artists the respect they deserve, but for us. so we can see that not all is lost. that there is something left, something worth caring about. that we mean something. there is good shit out there, you just gotta pay attention to voices from the underground…



Your Fearless Leader

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi guys,

    I stumbled across your blog this evening and realized you’d be a great fit for Brazen Careerist if you’re between the ages of 20-30. It’s a community of bloggers focused on Gen Y personal and professional development with some culture thrown in.

    I’ve seen my traffic triple and have made a number of great connections by syndicating through the site, which is why I became a Community Leader — to encourage other 20-something bloggers to join the community.

    I hope you’ll check out the site and potentially sign-up to join the community http://www.brazencareerist.com/user/register

    I’m happy to field any questions you may have.

    Andrea Zak

  2. Hi Guys!!
    Great to meet you at the Ashland Film Festival. You must come to Bend!!!
    Great Blog

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