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Ok. I know, I’m kinda late on this one. Jake One’s eclectic album, White Van Music dropped in 2008. And I usually try to keep the music section pretty current. But for some unknown reason, I only heard the album yesterday. And I feel like I have to write about it. So until I get […]

So I’ve decided to compile a list my most overrated musicians of all time. Usually, I’d put something like this in our High Fidelity category and just do a Top 5 or Top 10. But I’ve decided to do this on an artist-by-artist basis and post them as they come to me. I know these […]

Born of tragedy and betrayal, a villain reigns throughout the underground. An evil genius and hip hop iconoclast, infamous and tormented, he is shrouded in mystery, hidden behind a mask of metal. Few know his real identity. He has been called Vicktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, Danger Doom, Madvillain and King Geedorah. But to most, he […]

I woke up this morning intending to finish up our Film Festival videos and doing some actual work. But upon seeing that Eminem had dropped a new single, I felt like I should at least mention it. Generally speaking, I am an Em fan. I love his verses on Jay-Z’s Renegade, Biggie’s Dead Wrong, Obie Trice’s We All […]

Listen to the first two minutes of this album and you’ll know it’s hot. Mr. Green jumps off with a snippet from Spike Lee’s He Got Game over huge strings and an infectious beat. And before Pacewon even begins his laid-back, effortless flow, you’re already bouncing. I love when an MC and DJ decide to create […]