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I’m nearing the 1 year anniversary of my marriage to my terrific wife Ashley. And, of course, I’m focused on all things nuptial. That being the case, my morbid curiosity forced me to read an article about the marriage of an 8 year old. My initial reaction was, “There was no way in hell that […]

We’ve all messed up. There is no denying it. None of us can claim perfection. And in that lies a certain solace because we all know someday, somehow the perfect neighbor next door will screw up and we will be there to point it out to him. Yet, we still seek that unattainable perfection. And […]

Hey Everyone, Lately, it’s been pretty crazy over here at sexy gypsy. First it was Superhero Week and now we’re in the middle of covering the Ashland Independent Film Festival. But I want to take the time to introduce a new category–Current Events. This is something we’ve been wanting to add since we started sexy […]

one of the saddest things in the music world is watching a great, young band, full of potential fade into irrelevancy. i’ve seen this happen to so many bands over the years. and it breaks my fucking heart.    it happens like this: i’ll see a show or hear an album and immediately know they’re […]