The B I G Gypsy

I’m from Washington, D.C. but I’ve been living out West since 2003. Most of that time was spent in the Napa Valley, where I met The Great White Gypsy. And we had many wine-fueled adventures in high society. But last year, I decided to grow up and be a real person. So now I live in Medford, OR and have considerably less adventures.

I write grants and proposals and organize fundraising campaigns for non-profits. I also do a lot of freelance writing. Yet, that is only to fund my dream of writing elitist music reviews and commentary on pop culture. Chuck Klosterman and Toure are my heroes. (Though, I think I could do better)

I do my writing on a Macbook Pro, in a Starbucks, whilst drinking Triple Grande Two Pump Mochas and texting on my iPhone. I’ve been called the epitome of a hipster douchebag.

I feel like I should rant on life, love and the state of art in society. But I’ve already done that. So I’ll leave you with a list of my social networking profiles. I hope you enjoy the voices from the underground…

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