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by The Great White Gypsy Gran Torino – Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood has been hit or miss as a director, and his acting these days borders on the chronically cranky.  This one is a hard call.  First he doesn’t like Asians or children, then he does, then he protects them from other Asian children.  Then […]

I’ve always been a fan of The Alchemist’s beats. His work, from The Soul Assassins, to Mobb Deep and Dialated Peoples, has always been on point. His beat for Nothin, On Me, off Lil Wayne’s The Carter III is the highlight of an album full of great production. The Alchemist’s latest release includes some of […]

by The Great White Gypsy Bollywood: the final frontier.  Director Danny Boyle has hit the mark in so many genres in his career, it’s never a question whether his new film will be good.  It’s a question of which genre he will attack next.  Romantic Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi, Family, Drama, and Cult Classic.  This year, […]

I usually ignore Pitchfork‘s reviews. Maybe it’s a case of the hipster hating on the hipster. But, I feel like they try too hard to be on the cutting edge of music and are more concerned with crafting clever metaphors than with reviewing an album. That said, even I must admit, they were right on […]

From us at sexy gypsy, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope this season is one to remember. We’ll be back next week with some new posts. In the mean time, enjoy the holidays and keep listening to the voices from the underground.