The Great White Gypsy


My heart beats for the West Coast.  I was born in Seattle, grew up in Sacramento, spent high school living in ghetto-ass Renton, Washington, then moved down to Napa Valley.  I went to school there (and by school I mean wineries) for 3 ½ years before remembering that I am a retarded monkey, and a Psychology B.S. is a one way ticket to E. of the M. at the B.K. lounge.  So I dropped out, packed up, and moved into a shitty hotel in San Francisco.  Been working in restaurants for several years now.  I love wine.  But more than that, I love writing, music, film, art, and ideas of all kinds.  I love the sharing of ideas and culture, and that’s why I had to get behind BIG, and Sexy Gypsy.  We need an identity, we need solidarity and confidence in our contributions to society today.  We have a voice, but most of us aren’t saying anything worth listening to; the rest just don’t care to listen.

I’m also thinking of starting a band called “Jimmy and the Loud Shoes”, but I can’t play anything, and I now live in an alley behind Carl’s Jr. in Union Square.  Please send money.

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