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  Jason, Kruger, Myers, Hellraiser, Darkman, Leatherface…Jigsaw?   Has our generation finally witnessed the birth of a horror film figurehead worthy of 10 sequels? Are we on the verge of creating a horror franchise, which, in its fourth installment, is still grotesquely appealing? Could be.   Saw was a standalone masterpiece of intellectual horror and […]

The film’s premise is very simple: Earth’s sun is about to go out, effectively extinguishing life as we know it.  Our last hope is Icarus, the second manned ship sent to the sun to “reignite” it with a nuclear fusion device.  The eight scientists and pilots on board must endure the pressure of saving civilization, […]

Manipulator is my proudest discovery (actually, it was The Great White Gypsy’s discovery) of 2007 and maybe the entire decade.  I haven’t heard a combination of musicianship, energy, lyrics and raw emotion this cohesive since Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness. And I’m fully aware that comparing three kids barely old enough to drink to […]

  a week or so ago, i mentioned kno of cunninlynguists as one of the artists we were currently into. his remake of jay-z’s black album is probably the best one out there. far superior to dj danger mouse’s much-hyped grey album. his use of jazz horns and guitars adds a flavor and texture not […]

      They sat on the sand, the frigid air overcome by the peaceful power of the ocean breeze.   Faint lights of the golden gate bridge, the sounds of cars speeding over it, all muted by the calm February night.  Behind the couple, the last trickle of loyal tourists left Ghiradelli Square and headed […]