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So, who is Raine Maida? Raine Maida is the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, a once great Canadian Alt-Rock band. Their 1997 release, Clumsy, is a perfect album in my eyes. Every track on that album could have been a single. In the 11 years since it’s release, it hasn’t once lost its place in […]

I go through weird music phases. I’ll get into a genre for a couple weeks and try to get as many albums as I can. If you look at my ever-growing and obese iTunes library, arranged auto-biographically a-la High Fidelity, you’ll see blocks of 70’s R&B, Trip-Hop, Euro-Death Metal, Ambient Post-Rock, 90’s Hip Hop, Free Jazz […]

one day as a lion – one day as a lion   zach de la rocha from rage and the ex-drummer from the mars volta. that alone warrants a listen. the opening track makes me want to hit things.    the mountain goats – get lonely   this is what it would sound like if […]

“You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” This line and many others made Jack Nicholson’s Joker (Batman, 1989) one of the best movie villains of all time. He had the smile, the charisma, and the insanity. So when it was announced that Heath Ledger (fresh off Brokeback Mountain) was to fill Jack’s […]

thrice – the alchemy index vols. 1-4 65daysofstatic – one for all time explosions in the sky – all of a sudden i miss everyone lil wayne – the carter iii (i know, i hate new hip hop too, but this is hot, trust me.) against me! – searching for a former clarity sun kil […]