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brooklyn academy – bored of education   i read about these guys on a hip hop forum earlier this week. and was really surprised they managed to fly under the radar for so long. slick production and hard ass lyrics make bored of education a fucking banger. please check these guys out and show them […]

  Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro are on screen together right now, and it’s awesome. I’m sitting here in this dark room watching a piece of movie history. These two heavy-hitting icons have so many amazing films, Oscar nods and defining characters between them, I wonder why they haven’t done more projects together. I am […]

Random Playlist


two weeks ago, i wrote about the itunes 8 genius playlists. and i have really started using them this week. it’s created some awesome playlists that have made my 14 hour work day fly by.  this is an itunes genius playlist based off death cab for cutie’s tiny vessels.    1.death cab for cutie – […]

  I have a theory. I think that many years ago, at the height of both of their careers, Tim Burton and Isabel Allende had a lovechild (if you don’t know who Allende is, maybe you should read more books). They had this child in Mexico, and left him there to be raised by mythical […]

one of the saddest things in the music world is watching a great, young band, full of potential fade into irrelevancy. i’ve seen this happen to so many bands over the years. and it breaks my fucking heart.    it happens like this: i’ll see a show or hear an album and immediately know they’re […]

  before i begin, i have to say it pained me to write this. i desperately wanted to believe bayside represented a new movement in rock, that shudder would be a masterpiece. but it wasn’t, it failed on so many levels. they fell into the trap of artistic compromise like so many bands before them […]

iTunes Genius


earlier this week, apple released a new version of itunes. being the huge mac fan i am, i downloaded it immediately. i use itunes to organize my insanely large music collection. my itunes library swells to several hundred gigs. so this was huge for me. one of the new features in itunes 8 is genius […]