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[NOTE: This was supposed to be posted late last night, right after we got out of the movie. But being the lazy bastards we are, we fell asleep and are scrambling to put it up this morning before we leave for our 10 AM film. Also, we totally forgot the director of Eden’s name, when […]

Hey Everyone, As you probably all know, was kind enough to help send sexy gypsy to the Ashland Independent Film Festival. We’ve decided to keep a daily video blog of our adventures at the festival. So keep checking back for our take on the movies, the scene and everything else AIFF. Here’s our first […]

Superhero Week


I know it’s been like 3 weeks since The Watchmen was released. And maybe we’re a little late to the party. But seeing that movie has sent sexy gypsy into a Superhero frenzy. It’s all we’ve been talking about for a while. We’ve re-watched the films, bought the comic books and discussed them to no […]

…about sports. Our good friend and sometimes sexy gypsy contributor, Tyson Qualls, has just started a new sports blog, Things Your Mom Taught Me…About Sports. In addition to coming up with witty titles, Tyson’s the ultimate sports fan, full of interesting insights and hilarious commentary. So stop by his blog and drop a comment. You’ll […]

One of the benefits of living in Southern Oregon is being close to Ashland. A small college town, bursting with art and culture; it is the home of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and The Ashland Independent Film Festival. The film festival is especially exciting. As you know, at sexy gypsy, we are HUGE indie film […]