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These last few weeks have seen UK-based electropop mainstay Hot Chip getting insane amounts of buzz. In addition to the thousands of blog posts scattered about the web, I’ve gotten texts, phone calls, emails, tweets and every other form of correspondence imaginable urging me to go listen to their new album, One Life Stand. Yet […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg is one talented woman. I’ve always had a vague idea of who she was. But she demanded my full attention after absolutely killing it in Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to see as much of her work as possible. Sadly, I didn’t realize she was a musician […]

I listen to a lot of music. Like A LOT of music, devouring albums like Shia LaBeouf ruins movies. And that’s a lot of fucking movies. Most of these records don’t last past the first listen. They get heard, I jot down some notes, and immediately file them away among artists like: Toddla T, Isis, […]

Listen to the first two minutes of this album and you’ll know it’s hot. Mr. Green jumps off with a snippet from Spike Lee’s He Got Game over huge strings and an infectious beat. And before Pacewon even begins his laid-back, effortless flow, you’re already bouncing. I love when an MC and DJ decide to create […]

People are constantly asking me where I find my music. I usually tell them that I’m part of a super-secret organization of hipsters and the music elite. We get together on the third Tuesday of every month at an underground cafe for coffee, cigarettes and pie. There, we exchange mixtapes and participate in a circle […]

One of my favorite music blogs, Indie Ducky, has returned after months of inactivity. Right now they’re doing a three part series on the best albums of 2008. I love their reviews, so I picked up all the albums listed in Part 1, that I didn’t already have. Among those, was Fucked Up Friends, by […]

I’ve always been a fan of The Alchemist’s beats. His work, from The Soul Assassins, to Mobb Deep and Dialated Peoples, has always been on point. His beat for Nothin, On Me, off Lil Wayne’s The Carter III is the highlight of an album full of great production. The Alchemist’s latest release includes some of […]