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Born of tragedy and betrayal, a villain reigns throughout the underground. An evil genius and hip hop iconoclast, infamous and tormented, he is shrouded in mystery, hidden behind a mask of metal. Few know his real identity. He has been called Vicktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, Danger Doom, Madvillain and King Geedorah. But to most, he […]

One of the benefits of living in Southern Oregon is being close to Ashland. A small college town, bursting with art and culture; it is the home of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and The Ashland Independent Film Festival. The film festival is especially exciting. As you know, at sexy gypsy, we are HUGE indie film […]

I talk a lot about the death of hip hop. The slow, agonizing degradation of a culture, that has reduced a once great movement to a joke. Diabolic’s self-parodied/satirical diss track, Dissing the Industry, breaks this down better than anything I’ve ever written. He takes shots at everyone from Jay-Z and Eminem to Erykah Badu […]

One of my favorite music blogs, Indie Ducky, has returned after months of inactivity. Right now they’re doing a three part series on the best albums of 2008. I love their reviews, so I picked up all the albums listed in Part 1, that I didn’t already have. Among those, was Fucked Up Friends, by […]

I know the last couple music posts haven’t really been the usual sexy gypsy posts–bands you’ve never heard of but really need to check out. But I figured that because Chinese Democracy and 808s and Heartbreak were huge albums that had potential not to completely blow, they deserved mention. But now that they’re out of […]