New sexy gypsy Category: Current Events


Hey Everyone,

Lately, it’s been pretty crazy over here at sexy gypsy. First it was Superhero Week and now we’re in the middle of covering the Ashland Independent Film Festival. But I want to take the time to introduce a new category–Current Events.

This is something we’ve been wanting to add since we started sexy gypsy. But, unfortunately we haven’t found the right person or the time and motivation to write it ourselves. Thankfully, our good friend, Nils Jordan has agreed to help us out and contribute from time to time.

So please welcome him to the sexy gypsy family. I’ll let him introduce himself now:

Krispy Kreme NilsI’m Nils. I’m livin’ in the Napa Valley with my wife trying to eek out a living while paying back the Man. I’m young, educated and will be using sexy-gypsy as an outlet for (hopefully) successful rants about what is wrong with our society.

You can follow Nils on Twitter here.

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