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*shels – sea of the dying dhow jay-z – american gangster across the universe soundtrack (deluxe edition) placebo – meds built to spill – perfect from now on

a dream


i drink i scream i think i dream is it real? i cannot feal i cannot breathe i watched you leave just walked away i cry, i pray please just stay you’re all i need i scratch, i BLEED yet still i see hope my eyes tell me lies this can’t be true this can’t […]

a poet, i am


i bleed blue ink and tag pages with soul here to make you think fuck what you been told   i got god in my pen  a prophet, timeless and true the beginning, the end where one and one no longer are two   a poet, i am.

st. vincent – marry me akron/family – love is simple les savy fav – inches    

skunk anasie – post orgasmic chill i love you but i’ve chosen darkness – fear is on our side fear before the march of flames – always open mouth stateless – stateless joanna newsom – ys jason mraz – the e minor ep in f kno of cunninlynguists – kno vs. hov (the white album) […]