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The state of hip hop is a third world nation Let’s face it, it’s on life support and needs saving Why support a mantra laden with degrading lyrics? I’m tempted to pull the plug and kill it I can barely stand to hear it, so redundant We’ve already done that, let’s move beyond that Better […]

June 07


if a thousand miles could be crossed by shutting my eyes i would go blind never see the world to have you in mine if i could spin back the world in time i would live june forever i love you

i looked beauty in the eyes saw a heart turn black love melt to hate a different woman stare back   i died a thousand deaths   i just can’t stop  

strung out


its like a disease an addiction/affliction i can’t shake it it shakes me breaks me she makes me whole and in control heals and feels breathes deep into my soul

a dream


i drink i scream i think i dream is it real? i cannot feal i cannot breathe i watched you leave just walked away i cry, i pray please just stay you’re all i need i scratch, i BLEED yet still i see hope my eyes tell me lies this can’t be true this can’t […]