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  Like many horror fans, and most dedicated John Carpenter fans, I cringed when I saw a poster for the remake of 1978’s masterpiece Halloween.  Not only do I feel that Carpenter’s movies are too campy and brilliant to be remade well (The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13 sucked ass), but in recent memory, […]

Danny Boyle is a creative, innovative genre renovator.  It’s easy to pick out Scorcese’s work, or Tarantino’s, or even David Fincher’s dark, mind-altering dramas.  But what sets Danny Boyle apart is that he will not limit himself to one genre.  His portfolio includes  brutally honest drug film in Trainspotting, a surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy in […]

      She fucking hated it when her mother called, especially this late.  The woman was almost sixty.  She went to bed every night at eight after watching Wheel of Fortune, except on nights such as this one.  Nights like this, she seemed to enjoy calling her youngest daughter at 11 to rip apart […]

      “Do you remember the last time you were happy?” The question lingered as he took another gulp of his scotch, not so much to quench his thirst as to avoid answering.  It wasn’t as whimsical as she wanted him to think; it was accusatory.  It was a way to excuse her enduring […]