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  They want to play a game.   They want to see how much storyline they can cram into every preceding Saw movie before it gets completely ridiculous. Hence the alternate title for this installment:  Saw V: Bursting at the seams.   Do I really need to go over the plot of a Saw film […]

  Jason, Kruger, Myers, Hellraiser, Darkman, Leatherface…Jigsaw?   Has our generation finally witnessed the birth of a horror film figurehead worthy of 10 sequels? Are we on the verge of creating a horror franchise, which, in its fourth installment, is still grotesquely appealing? Could be.   Saw was a standalone masterpiece of intellectual horror and […]

  Like many horror fans, and most dedicated John Carpenter fans, I cringed when I saw a poster for the remake of 1978’s masterpiece Halloween.  Not only do I feel that Carpenter’s movies are too campy and brilliant to be remade well (The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13 sucked ass), but in recent memory, […]