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by The Great White Gypsy The Box – Written and Directed by Richard Kelly The premise of this film sounds like a bad teenage horror story. A strange man gives a box to a couple having money problems. They will get money every time they push the button, but every time, someone they don’t know […]

by The Great White Gypsy We’ve all been told about the dangers of meeting people online. The pedophiles, the perverts, the scams, the psychos. Some people just don’t listen. Others find exactly what they’re looking for. Such is the case in Downloading Nancy. Nancy (Maria Bello) is a housewife who suffers from mood disorders and […]

Superhero Week


I know it’s been like 3 weeks since The Watchmen was released. And maybe we’re a little late to the party. But seeing that movie has sent sexy gypsy into a Superhero frenzy. It’s all we’ve been talking about for a while. We’ve re-watched the films, bought the comic books and discussed them to no […]