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Finally. It’s over. The 2000s. The 00s. The aughts. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. We’re done. And with the close of the decade, comes the obligatory nostalgic look back. And while we’ve suffered through a lot of bullshit these past ten years, there is also much to be appreciated–especially when it comes […]

by The Great White Gypsy Amreeka – Written and Directed by Cherien Dabis We’ve seen this kind of thing on TV and in movies before. Actually, a lot recently. But this story of a single mother emigrating from Palestine and working at a White Castle in Illinois looks interesting. If you liked The Visitor, you’ll […]

  I have a theory. I think that many years ago, at the height of both of their careers, Tim Burton and Isabel Allende had a lovechild (if you don’t know who Allende is, maybe you should read more books). They had this child in Mexico, and left him there to be raised by mythical […]

Ron Perlman with a big red fist.  Selma Blair on fire.  Swordfights and a Golden Army.  All set to a blood-pumping Rammstein track.  When I saw the preview for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, I was excited.    When I saw the movie, I was disappointed.   It’s been four years since Guillermo del Toro […]