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The Rise & Fall of St. Valentine illustrates two sides of love—the painfully beautiful and the beautifully painful. The Rise encompasses the feeling of meeting someone, falling in love and the sheer awesomeness of moments spent together. The Fall explores the heartbreaking, angry, lonely haze that follows a love failed.


Turn on the radio. Nah, Fuck it. Turn it off. –Rage Against The Machine, Vietnow (1996) On my second marriage, Hip Hop’s my first wifey And for that, we not taking it lightly If Hip Hop should die, we all die together If Hip Hop should die before I wake I’ll laod an extended clip […]

  a week or so ago, i mentioned kno of cunninlynguists as one of the artists we were currently into. his remake of jay-z’s black album is probably the best one out there. far superior to dj danger mouse’s much-hyped grey album. his use of jazz horns and guitars adds a flavor and texture not […]