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 by The Great White Gypsy 1.  M. Night Shayamalan The Sixth Sense was freaking awesome, with an eerie atmosphere, and one of the best plot twists up to that point.  Everything M. Night has done since then has sucked balls.  Unbreakable was the worst superhero film ever (“They call me Mr. Glass.” Are you fucking […]

                    It’s 2009.  The Golden Globes have come and gone.  Obama is officially president.  We can finally put 2008 behind us, right?  Wrong.  Tomorrow, the Academy will announce its nominees for the 2009 Oscars ceremony on February 22.  Which means for the next month, you can […]

The Drought


Hey Everyone, I know there hasn’t been many updates to sexy gypsy recently. Life has been catching up with all of us. Right now, I’m just sitting in my office taking a break from the craziness. So I figured, I’d post and let you all know what’s going on. I did just get a new, […]