Infinite Summer



Summer is in full swing. The sun’s coming out more, people are busting out the shorts and flip-flops, the girls are rocking the sundresses. Summer is great. And if you’re anything like me, no matter how much time you spend outside, you need a good book with you while you’re getting a tan and pretending not to gawk at the hotty across the way. Well, this last Sunday, June 21, Infinite Summer began.
No, this is not Endless Summer (put your board shorts away there, Billabong). Infinite summer is a one time, nationwide reading of David Foster Wallace’s epic cult-classic Infinite Jest. Many musicians, authors, and other recognizable names are participating in this summer-long book club, and at a whopping 1000 pages (plus 100 pages of footnotes), there should be plenty to discuss until September. There will be discussions (starting Friday) on so many sites it’s ridiculous. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Amazon, wherever. Here at Sexy Gypsy, we’re riding the wave with everyone. BIG got his copy yesterday, mine is waiting at the bookstore as we speak. So in a few days, with enough pages under our belts, we will begin a regular blogging/discussion of what some say is one of the greatest novels of all time. I encourage all of you to grab your copy, or someone else’s, and keep up for the next three months. At 15 pages a day, it’ll be worth it, I promise.


Check out the main site here.

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