sexy gypsy at AIFF: Day 1, Part 2


[NOTE: This was supposed to be posted late last night, right after we got out of the movie. But being the lazy bastards we are, we fell asleep and are scrambling to put it up this morning before we leave for our 10 AM film.

Also, we totally forgot the director of Eden’s name, when we were making the video. We apologize. His name is Declan Recks and he is a fine director.]

We got our tickets today for the rest of the week and, amazingly enough, we’re actually going to see everything we wanted to. We bummed around Ashland a bit, hit up 38 on Central in Medford (their duck quesadilla is bomb), and saw our first films in the evening. The first was 34X25X36, a documentary short about mannequin manufacturing, and the illusive perfect female body (and religion…what?) The second was Eden, an Irish film, about a marriage on the rocks (the Irish want their relationships served like their Jameson). Overall a pretty chill day, but we’re in full swing tomorrow, starting at 10AM and rocking until the wee hours of 11PM. It’s a tough job, but we do it for the money. Wait…

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