2009 Academy Award Nominations























So now that we’ve all had a chance to absorb the Oscar nominations, it’s time to start placing bets.  We already mentioned that, in the last three years, every Oscar winner for Best Actor and Actress also won the Golden Globe.  This year, however, the nominations aren’t even the same.  Kate Winslet won Best Actress for Revolutionary Road, but the Academy decided to nominate her for The Reader.  Not surprising, but still unfortunate, is the lack of nominations for Sam Mendes and Revolutionary Road.  Michael Shannon is the only one who got a nod, with a Best Supporting Actor nomination.  We’re still unclear as to why Mendes is absent on the ballot this year, especially when The Reader is up for Best Picture, and Stephen Daldry is up for Best Director (boring movie, and he’s a rookie).

Heath Ledger has a little more competition in this race for Best Supporting Actor, but we’re hoping he gets what’s due him after arguably the best performance of 2008.  And kudos must be given to the Academy for calling our bluff in this category.  Robert Downey Jr. is up for Best Supporting for Tropic Thunder; we’re still going to complain, but Downey really deserves an award after being overlooked for so long, so the razor blades we promised will not be forthcoming.

On a lighter note, Danny Boyle carried over all of his Golden Globe nominations, and he’s all over the Oscars.  With any luck, the Academy will think outside its microscopic box and give credit to the underdog instead of going with the predictable choice (Ron Howard).  The only movie to really rival Slumdog Millionaire this year was Milk.  Gus van Sant deserves the nomination, maybe the win.  The editing wasn’t as complex as Slumdog, but it was still good.  And Sean Penn is definitely giving Mickey Rourke a run for his money as Best Actor.

The Supporting categories are also a bit strange, in that several of the nominees had very little screen time in the film.  Viola Davis has like two scenes in Doubt.  Penelope Cruz wasn’t really in Vicky Cristina Barcelona until the very end.  Taraji P. Henson had a slightly bigger role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but it was three hours long, and you didn’t see her that much.  Even Michael Shannon only had three scenes in Revolutionary Road.  Not that this is a first for the Academy (Tom Wilkinson for Michael Clayton, Ruby Dee for American Gangster), we’re just not sure how you justify giving an Oscar to someone who wasn’t really in the movie.

This year will not be the clash of the titans that last year was, but there are a lot of interesting choices, some standard nominations, and some unexplainable absences.  It’s really anyone’s guess, but here at Sexy Gypsy, we’re smarter than everyone else, including the Academy, so be on the lookout for our official Oscar ballot choices next week.


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