Creed Reunites?


Yesterday, MSNBC reported that Scott Stapp and his pseudo-Christian band, Creed, is talking reunion. Back in the day, Creed was THE band in rock, selling records to sad, little Jesus-seeking teenagers like Meth to poor, inbred tweakers in the backwoods of Oregon. They went on huge, mega-tours, sold millions of albums and solidified their place atop the Rock and Roll shit pile.

But 2004 saw lead singer, Scott Stapp and the band part ways. The remaining members of Creed went on to form, what amounted to be a Creed clone, Alterbridege (aka The Fuck Scott Stapp Experience) and release two modestly successful albums. Stapp, loving his freedom, began to comically assert his rock star status. He tried the whole badass thing, refusing to discuss his former band or his lyrics. A sex tape was even rumored to exist. But the new Stapp clashed with his image while with Creed and he became little more than a joke–the poor man’s Fred Durst. He was just that guy who used to sing for Creed.

And now they want to get back together? For the love of the music? Because they have a burden to share their message with the masses? No. According to the MSNBC article, it’s because there are “significant dollars” on the table.

Creed, please do us a favor. Stay in your fucking hole and don’t come back to pollute the scene anymore than you and your 30 million records already have.

[NOTE: To be far, Creed didn’t always suck. Their 1997 independently produced and released album, My Own Prison was a solid effort. This was before all the hype ad before Wind-Up records signed them and remixed the album to make it more “radio friendly.” Also, Mark Tremonti has always been a great guitarist. I just thought it had to be said.]

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