State of Hip Hop by mosaeus


The state of hip hop is a third world nation

Let’s face it, it’s on life support and needs saving

Why support a mantra laden with degrading lyrics?

I’m tempted to pull the plug and kill it

I can barely stand to hear it, so redundant

We’ve already done that, let’s move beyond that

Better yet, let’s return it to its roots

Back when kunta lost his foot

Back when ‘give us free’ was the hook

Now it’s the same tired beat with the same tired look

A bunch of rooks rapping bout how they hook and crook

Cook up the ‘cane, then package it to slang

But they leave out the number of our people they’ve slain

Destroyed, deranged brains, just to make a dime

Inhale a line, no nine, but genocide, why?

Yeah the man gave us guns and drugs

But they aint make you a thug, or run with cuz

They aint make you spill blood

And rap about it on your platinum albums sold to us

The new form of drugs, your cd’s like pcp

Your single might as well be primo to me

You rehash your hood stunts, split it so blunt

Then sprinkle it with little white lies of mistrust

Till it takes over my mind it’s no longer mines

Cause all I can think about is rolling a new ride

With way too big tires, eel on the inside

And enough tv’s to start a best-buy

Every other word is b*tch or hoe

I see the same girls they vid-e-hoes

Butt-naked and half-clothed gyrating like lasso

Bent over a dashboard or skinning a brass pole

Then we wanna boycott the don imus show

For nappy headed hoes, this must be a joke

This must be a soap


Get off ya soap box bruh

Box yourself before you out us

You expect more respect from one that’s not us

When you driving the bus?

And then get pissed cause they riding witcha?

Have pride in us

Then others will follow suit and tie with us.

Hip Hop or bust. 



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