Saw V: David Hackl



Saw V

They want to play a game.


They want to see how much storyline they can cram into every preceding Saw movie before it gets completely ridiculous. Hence the alternate title for this installment: 

Saw V: Bursting at the seams.


Do I really need to go over the plot of a Saw film at this point? People are dying, Jigsaw is dead, and the new guy’s a lousy cheater. The FBI is chasing him, and he’s having flashbacks to Jigsaw training him. The kicker? It’s all been happening the whole time, since Cary Elwes performed foot surgery on himself.


Saw II was my least favorite, because even though there were more people involved, the storyline and logic got lost somewhere.


Saw III was solid, and it got interesting when then went back to Amanda’s past, and her involvement in everything so far.


Saw IV stood out to me because of the editing. It was liquid smooth, artfully done, and fit into the film. 


However, Kevin Greutert (editor) is the only one besides Tobin Bell to survive all five films, and he’s been anything but consistent. The writers are fairly new to the franchise, David Hackl is a rookie director, and Tobin Bell looks tired.


Yes, there are cool games and torture devices in the latest one. And yes, it’s still somewhat original that they keep adding things to the story, making five films pretty much happen simultaneously. But even in Saw IV, when half of the movie was flashbacks, there was still plenty of bloodshed. Saw V, however, doesn’t just cross storylines. It tries to include elements of every past film, so much so that I found myself yelling, “For the love of God, can I please see someone get mutilated, I paid ten bucks for this!”


It is still entertaining, some of the traps are cool, the ideas are still intriguing. But if this franchise is going to continue with any semblance of self-respect, they need to realize that less is more. Because eventually, we’re going to realize that this is a game, and we can either be force-fed plot complexity, or free ourselves by downloading everything after Saw VI (already in production). The choice is ours.


One more thing: leave Tobin Bell alone. Jigsaw’s dead, just let it go. Did I mention he looks tired?

Final Grade: C+


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