What We’re Listening To


kidulthood – original soundtrack


i saw this movie a few days ago and was immediately impressed by the soundtrack. i’d never really listened to british hip hop outside of the streets. but all the music in kidulthood is fucking raw and i’ve been bumping the soundtrack all week. be sure to check out the movie and its sequel adulthood as well. 


zoe keating – one cell x 16: natoma


i heard about zoe keating through twitter. from@bcompton. it’s an amazing album. if you’re into neo-classical music at all, definitely check her out. by the way, twitter is a great way to hear about new music or anything else for that matter. you can follow me on twitter here or just subscribe to an rss of my tweets. 


dj shadow – endtroducing…


probably the best album from one of best djs and trip hop pioneers of all time. it’s hard to believe its been twelve years since this album dropped. if you haven’t heard it; stop reading. leave your home. and buy it. now. 


wu-tang clan – soundtracks from the shaolin temple


great compilation album from the wu-tang family. featuring jedi mind tricks and many others.


dj muggs/gza – grandmasters


arguably the best lyricist to come outta shaolin and dj muggs from cypress hill team up for grandmasters. muggs and gza both bring their unique and immediately identifiable styles to this record. if you’re a fan of either of these guys, you’ll love it. it reminds me of dj muggs’ 1997 release, soul assassins chapter 1, one of my favorite mixtapes.


gravediggaz – 6 feet deep


yet another wu-tang affiliate on my list this week. i love their dark lyrics and aggressive delivery. it’s like rap for metal fans.

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